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Welcome to Fashion Addition 14+

Fashion Addition was established in 1987. Bill and Marilyn Booth saw a huge void in the fashion world for curvy ladies and decided to embark on a mission to change that. 33 years later and 5 stores to be proud of proves that a plus size evolution can happen when strong ideas and determination are at the helm! Fashion Addition has always been a family affair. In 2015 Kerri Booth, their daughter who has always worked in the business, officially became an owner! Kerri brings to the company a youthful eye for fashion, a great rapport with the manufacturers and unique customer service. Over the years she has created a huge home shopping experience for many customers that loving welcomed her into their home and closets.

  • #111 - 15715 Croydon Dr.
  • Surrey BC V3S 2L5
  • Phone: 604-535-2024

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