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Welcome to Fashion Addition 14+

Fashion Addition was established in 1987. Bill and Marilyn Booth saw a huge void in the fashion world for curvy ladies and decided to embark on a mission to change that. 35 years later and 5 stores to be proud of proves that a plus size evolution can happen when strong ideas and determination are at the helm! Fashion Addition has always been a family affair. In 2015 Kerri Booth, their daughter who has always worked in the business, officially became an owner! Kerri brings to the company a youthful eye for fashion, a great rapport with the manufacturers and unique customer service. Over the years she has created a huge home shopping experience for many customers that loving welcomed her into their home and closets.

Our Mission

Our Booth Family mission was to turn-on the plus sized fashion industry to every trend, Color, fabric and style and make them available in plus-sizes! Customers were frustrated with the simple, basic, boring clothing choices and more than ready to embrace a world of new exciting plus sized designer fashions! We are happy to say that 35 YEARS of hard work has paid off … the amazing designer labels that are now accessible to the curvy woman are phenomenal …with new manufacturers jumping on board every day! Bill, Marilyn and Kerri will continue to delight and satisfy their many existing loyal clientele and invite any new customers to make FASHION ADDITION 14+ their home!

What Clients Say ?

I have been a customer here for 14 years. There is a variety of price points and styles to choose. The staff are very helpful.
Calgary, AB
Great things and the ladies here treat you so good. They call when there are sales. They know my name and remember things about me. My husband goes for a gift and they remember things I liked and looked at. Just really good service and people.
Burnaby, BC
Employees so helpful and very pleasant...I will be back...what i needed was even on sale
Langley, BC
Truly an excellent shopping experience! The store is extremely clean and tidy, well laid-out and beautifully displayed. The staff are amazing. They remember you even if you haven't been in for months and a lot of times even remember what you bought the previous times you were in. They're always super helpful with suggestions, also making sure that you know about any discounts or sales that are happening right now, and always offering to check their other stores if there's a size that you couldn't find. I feel like they are truly happy that I am shopping there and genuinely want to help me have a fantastic shopping experience and leave a very happy customer. This is a big part of what keeps me coming back (of course the beautiful clothing that they have as well helps too!).
– Lucy
Vancouver, BC
Had a wonderful experience at the Langley store. Shopped there several times over the last 2 wks for some clothes for Hawaii. The staff were very attentive and looked after me each & every time I visited the store. A big thank you to Tanya & her boss for honoring a discount that was missed at a different Fashion Addition store. All of the staff I've encountered over the last several visits are friendly, personable, very accommodating & attentive. Kudos to management for hiring the best of the best staff. Look forward to returning in a couple of months to see what else they have. Thank you for making my shopping so easy & enjoyable.
Langley, BC
Great ladies shop for 14 and up. Great quality great choices and wonderful staff there to help. Sales are always worth stopping on for.
Calgary, AB
Consultants go above and beyond to help! Best place in Edmonton for 14+ fashions!
Edmonton, AB

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