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Sympli Is Grand


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Kerri Booth

Kerri Booth is the owner and general manager of Fashion Addition 14+

Fashion addition 14+ plus size clothing retailer

We carry Sympli products for a very simple reason, they’re made by women for women. Sympli was founded by Jan Stimpson in 2001 as part of her quest to find the perfect tee. She thought if you can’t find it, make it. She has continued with this ideology as she pushes her company forward in the creation of simple, high quality, stylish clothing. Using refined silhouettes that creates an artful, draping look they remain distinctive while using block colouring to remain versatile in any wardrobe.

Sympli goes beyond most companies in our eyes by remaining true to their Canadian roots. 100% of their clothing is designed and manufactured in Vancouver, Canada, and 85% of their fabrics are made by Sympli’s home sewing network, a group of employees that work from home giving them flexibility in their schedule and in their family life. This in turn allows them to keep production local allowing them to meticulously watch over every aspect of the production of their clothing starting from the fibre all the way to the finished product.  Fashion Addition, for over a decade now, has worked closely with Sympli's design team to bring you a plus size line with looks we know you will love.

Sympli has also continued to give back to the community in their funding of the Looking Glass Foundation which is a local non-profit organization that offers support and prevention help for those with eating disorders. We simply couldn’t be happier with Sympli’s continued dedication to the support of women at every size and shape and their commitment to creating high quality, comfortable garments that we are sure you will love just as much as us.

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