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Prana - Clothing for More Than Living


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Prana - Clothing for More Than Living
From the moment we discovered Prana we knew this was a company that stood for all the right things. An activewear company developed to not only fill a niche for better made yoga and climbing activewear, but to do it while being environmentally conscious and responsible. Prana was ahead of the curve and continue to push what companies should be doing: staying conscious of not just their practices but where the materials they used are being sourced and the practices that make those materials. Their continued effort has led to stop over 65,000lbs of plastic being used in the form of bags thanks to their plastic free packaging program. They use recycled polyester to reduce the amount of energy and plastics being used to create their polyester clothing and they abide by fair labor laws to ensure their clothing is created without the exploitation of underpaid or child workers. If that wasn’t enough some of their clothes are also Blue sign approved meaning they help to keep the oceans and skies free of harmful chemicals. A company like this must surely be expensive right? They aren’t using child labor like some of the other big brand companies, that must drive the price up. Not at all, their clothing is good quality, stylish, affordable, and above all made right. They have an extended sizes category on their website so you can find the best plus sized clothing that’s sure to help you in whatever adventure your day brings you, whether that’s a day at the office or a weekend hike. Since they started their company as an activewear brand a lot of their clothing has very useful features like being moisture wicking, or having a 4-way stretchability for ease of movement. Prana makes high quality, reasonably priced, ethically sourced clothing that you’re sure to love as much as the world around you.

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